Passing client command to server then back to other clients

Hey Guys,

I’m having an issue with client-server replication.

In short, I followed a short tutorial on creating placeable blocks, which I expect to expand on. However the blueprints aren’t multiplayer minded. Now knowing this I attempted to research and follow every article I could find to have the ‘Placed’ action replicated. I tried replicating every mesh component as well as multicasting the function. No luck-best I could get was clients seeing the item being placed only if placed by the server, but client placement showed no results to server or other clients.

Question is-How can I replicate the block placement function from the owning client-to the server-then to all other clients?

  1. Here is the placed block by the client
  2. Here is the other clients still seeing the preview block instead of placed block

Is there a way for the client to delegate the placed block to the server so the other clients can see the block as well?

Thank you.