Party units slot in order

Hey there,

I’m trying to create setup party in my JRPG project. I’ve setup my list of units in the controller blueprint in the variables as a map(Dictionarty). I’ve actually already set it up to list out but the list is set to on how it’s set in the map(Dictionarty) variable. I’m certain if I try to switch out followers, the list will start getting mixed up so I’ve been wondering is there a possible way to keep the party units in order while trying to choose who will follow? The leader of the units stays first and the navigator stays behind while all your followers are in the middle and stay in order while changed for following.

Correct way:
Unit 1(Leader) - Unit 2(Not Following) - Unit 3(Following) - Unit 4(Following) - Unit 5(Following) - Unit 6(Navigating)

Incorrect way:
Unit 1(Leader) - Unit6(Navigating) - Unit 3(Following) - Unit 4(Following) - Unit 5(Following) - Unit 2(Not Following)

Can anybody have an idea on how to structure the slot in a orderly way like this even as an array I think?