Party system - connect to lobby - gamesparks

I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about getting a party to join a lobby on the game I am creating, if someone could help with some insight that would be great!

Currently what im thinking -lobby system is going via gamesparks so when a player changes something it sends a message to gamesparks , gamesparks then sends a message back to all party players and updates the specific thing changed.

My lobbies are run via sessions on the steam subsystem which will then join to dedicated servers after the lobby process is complete, this is due to the lobby having a mini game.

Now that’s all good its the party joining a lobby that I’m not sure of the best way to do it I’m thinking something like this.

Party leader - initiate search session - get lobby unique id - send lobby Id to party - add number of players to “lobby current” on database
Player 2 - receive lobby id - find session with lobby Id

On accept - all players call join lobby
On decline - clear lobbyid on all player clients - change lobby current players to minus number of lobby players on database

Store all lobbies on database
On lobby creation create new lobby entry in database with lobbyid(datestamp/timestamp), game mode, gamemap,  max players, current players and lobby host.

Now this should work in theory but I’m thinking it may have a high load on the database server if there are many lobbies, any thoughts?

Here’s a decent video tutorial for basically what you want and he explains how you could use steam id to invite friends

I already have the lobby system implemented with everything I need, it’s just the adding party to lobby that I’m not sure what direction to take, I have a few ides but this seems to be the best I can come up with

Hi Renzel,

I work with GameSparks, if you want to head over to our support system on the platform hereand log a ticket we can get a member of the support team to have a look into this with you and try to find a solution.


Awesome! Thanks , I will open a ticket, the support I can get from you guys is amazing!

Hi Reznal,

Did you manage to find a good solution to this with GameSparks? I’m trying to implement something very similar to you (I think) and am wondering if i’m gonna need more than Steamworks to accomplish it - basically the ability to create a team in a listen-server lobby, and then connect to a dedicated server as a single team and be joined by others.