Particles manipulated with blueprint. Help appreciated.

So im going to be starting on a Nuclear Explosion particle system soon. I dont think its possible without blueprint. I wanted to plan it out in advance. I am going to use GPU sprites for most of it. Its going to consist of 2-3 systems. 1: The mushroom cloud alone 2: The rising column of smoke and shockwave.

First of all, i was wondering if it was possible to make the direction of the particles form the shape of the cloud without using a vector field. If not then ill create a vector field to make the shape.

So the way i plan on making it work is by spawning both the cloud and column in the same blueprint. The blueprint will make the cloud particle system rise rather than using the velocity module in cascade. Then in the end of the system i want the particle system to fade out, once again not using cascades settings because the system is a constant spawn rather than a burst. Since im not too familiar with blueprint, could you guys help me figure out the logic of how i might want to set up the nodes inside blueprint? Im just looking for ideas. If it involves some nodes that i dont know about, ill study up on them.