Particles collide with translucent billboard


I was wondering is there any solution to avoid the particle from colliding with a translucent billboard? I am using the fog sheet delivered in one of the sample projet.
I set the collision of the actor that have the billboard to no collision and to ignore all queries.
I have set the Actor Collision module in the emitter to only collide with world static, world dynamic and PhysicsBody.

However the problem persist.

Got any idea on how to fix that?


Had similar issue, fixed it a while ago.
I recently created a PR on Github.
Provided you don’t mind modifying you engine, you can get it now:
Fix particles colliding with non-solid actors/components. #3370

In either case, you may want to mention your need for it so Epic knows it is of some important to you :slight_smile:

Hey Kris,

thank you very much! I am glad that someone else had the same issue and managed to get it to work.
I have no problem editing the engine as I am already using the flex build from NVidia.
This is going to be a first in the source code but gotta learn to do this at one point ^^
Just by looking at the code on your fix, I see that you also check for the whole hierarchy of the emitter actor to ignore which is also a problem I had issue with!
This is amazing, I think this should be this way in the engine by default. Where should I mention it so Epic knows there are people interested in this?

No worries.
Was gonna say just make a comment, but I just got a message letting me know that someone commented.
Lo and behold, its you :slight_smile:

You may also wanna check out the related PR’s: