Particle System, isActive always true after ToggleActive called

So I’ve got a game with a dedicated server and an object that simulates a camp fire. Characters can interact with the camp fire and turn on it’s particle system component and shows flame particles. That part works great, particle system activates and deactivates it’s emitters when you use ToggleActive(). The issue is there is also a CollisionSphere in the camp fire that checks if a character is overlapping and if particle system is active sets the character on fire. Well when I start the game (with the particle system auto activate to false) the player can walk over the inactive camp fire and won’t catch fire, but once I use ToggleActive() on thecamp fire to start the emitter the player will always catch fire when colliding with the collision sphere, even after ToggleActive() turns the emitters off.

I’ve tested with PrintString and once activated IsActive() always returns true.

All the code is properly replicating to the server, as evident by the fact I can turn it from it’s initial off state to an on state and have it work.

Anyone experienced anything like this before?