Particle system is whole different at runtime

This is quite the “wtf” bug:
particle system running in editor:


particle system when hitting play:


It is not only ignoring that off setting it also ignoring spawn rate and probably more.

This is the fire particle system of the Starter content tweaked to look stylized and spawn as a fire wall.

I already tried to save it again, duplicate the asset and tried to spawn it through blueprint and restarting the editor but nothing changed it. Is it corrupted? Any chance to get it working at runtime?

Hi Davision -

If you are using the Fire Effect from Starter Content then you will need to either go through and set up the LODs for the Particle System to follow your new system or delete the LODs all together. Turning off an Emitter in one LOD does not automatically adjust the Emitter in another LOD. So, you are probably seeing an incorrect LOD when you play.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

No, that isn’t it. I can’t have something to do with LODs because I set that blue emitter there in the particle system off yet it appears at runtime. You can see it in the gif, the red checkbox is marked with a x.

I found a way to make it work, I made a new blank particle system asset and copied all emitters in there. So I guess the particle asset is really corrupted.

Actually if you take a look at the pictures I attached below you will see that just having an emitter X off in one LOD has no effect on a different LOD. Your workaround solution of exporting the emitters to a new particle system just bypassed needing to change the LOD 1 of P_Fire by moving those emitters into a new Particle System with no LOD setup.

As you can see in Both Images the Flames are still showing up when I am in PIE even though I have turned off the Flames in the Particle System, but because I only turned them off in LOD0 they will remain on at the distance specified for LOD1.

Oh, ok. that also means in the editor I always see what I have currently set inside the particle system as the LOD number and all the settings of that LOD while at runtime it is usually based on the distance of the LODs.

Yes, exactly. You can access the distance information by selecting the black area just outside your emitters and look under LOD heading.