Particle System Beam Target lagging behind

Hi there,

I wanted to attach a laser pointer to my Vive motion controller and I’m using this setup in two different levels. In the first level everything works just fine but in the second level, the particle beam is somehow lagging behind my controller. This is the setup how I used it in the first level and the ray target just follows the direction of my controller.

In the second level, however, the target, and so the direction of my ray, is lagging behind the rotation of my controller until it catches up with it (if I move my controller direction towards the lagging ray it works fine then, but if I keep “running away” from the ray (meaning if I avoid the ray to be aligned with my direction I want to point with the controller), it remains lagging behind until it the ray aligns with the pointing direction of my controller). Then it just works fine. I’d show a video but since it’s a VR application it’s not really easy to capture it and the file size might exceed the limits as well.

I’ve stripped off every unnecessary component and tried it with this setup

I could narrow it down to the float in the multiply box (compare 5000 in the first place and 500 in the second). Once the value gets too big, the ray starts lagging all of a sudden (or at least I haven’t found the bound from where it’s messed up yet). All I know is, that 500 is fine and 750 already messes it up.

So is there a maximum ray length or does anybody have an idea what might cause this strange behaviour?

Thank you