Particle smoke color problem

Hi guys
I make bullet hit effect particles. I made all materials correctly. Dust, smoke and other material blend modes are translucent. Also, I checked the affect translucent lighting on near Blue point lights. Before I build light on level everything was great, blue light affected particle smoke color and smoke was blue(right side). But when I builded level light, blue light do not affect particle smoke color anymore, it looks like a gray(left side). I work on UE 4.6 version.
What I did wrong? Why point light do not affects to particle smoke color after light build?
Please, Could you give me advice?

Thanks in advance

Is the light there A Static light? If it is, It’ll have no effect on particle sprites or translucency when lighting is built. Only Stationary and Dynamic lights affect it. (As of 4.5 I believe, as before that it was dynamic lights only).