Particle Parameter to change one bound of Distribution Vector Uniform?

This seems like it ought to be simple, but it isn’t.

I’ve got this bursting trail of smoke particles that launch from given point. I use Distribution Vector Uniform to specify a range of velocity values from 0 to the maximum (in this case, Z=1300) to create a sort of column of particles; they all burst from zero, and then drift upward at different rates, giving the impression of launching into a column.

So what I want to do is, I want to scale the size of this column via particle parameter. The problem is, a particle parameter can only provide a CONSTANT value; If I feed it a velocity of, say, 2100, then ALL particles spawn at that velocity, instead of a range from 0 TO 2100. This, obviously destroys the effect.

And I’m aware that modules can be stacked, but if I stack velocity modules to attempt this affect, what I get is particles with a random velocity between (0+parameter) and (1300+parameter). What I want is a random velocity between 0 and (parameter)… evidently stacking modules only ADDS, it never SCALES.

AFAIK, You cannot use a parameter to SCALE velocity (there’s a size scale module, for instance, but not a velocity scale module). Is there a way of achieving this effect?

EDIT: can hack around it by using a Velocity over life node. Velocity over life scales initial velocity, so by setting it to a constant, I can scale all velocity by that constant (or particle parameter).

Good talk, UE forums (lol).

I’m having the same issue, seems like a major functionality flaw for particle parameters.