Particle not affected by PostProcessing

Hello all!
Im a newbie and Im creating a wild life survival with Unreal Engine. I want to implement somekind of Smell Sensor/Trail View Mode. I would like, for example, to activate the Trail View with the key V and convert the PostProcessing to Black and White and make visible a Particle System which is linked to all actors and emit some red clouds which have a long life untill they dissapear. Thats the way I thought can work as Trail View Mode by Smell, the world in B&W and only smell trails with red colour.

Theres a day/night cycle so I would also need to unify light when you enter in Trail View Mode so it will not be modified or affected when you are under night light or day light.

I promise I tried to find the solution before this post and I have been trying tons of tips I found in this forum and in other howtos I found around the internet but none of them works for me. I also tried to focus on Cloud Material related with the red cloud and nothing.

Can someone help me with this?