Particle LODs don't do anything

So I’ve been trying to get Particle LODs in Cascade to work for quite some time now, but thus far, I’ve had no luck doing that.
For some weird reason, whatever I do, particles either render all the time or they never show up (both in editor and in a packaged build, that is).
I’ve tried the various different LOD methods that Unreal has built-in and the end result was pretty much the same. Also, LOD distances don’t seem to do anything for me.
What I did was create an LOD for a particle system of mine where it’s spawn rate is at 0 so it shouldn’t spawn any particles whatsoever, but as I said above, it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.
I’ve read through every documentation that I could find for Cascade but to no avail.
So if anyone has any idea about what could be the problem here, I’d be REALLY happy to listen to whatever you have to say.