Particle Emitter - Visibility Off or Destroy Actor?

Hi all,
I started developing last week and so far it’s been a real blast! I’m currently trying to learn about the particle system and I’m wondering what the best practice is for a particle attached to the player character.
Basically, I have a simple spell system where if the player presses 1, it spawns the particle effect in front of the player. If they run out of mana or they press it again, it switches off.
I’ve currently got it set up as a visibility Boolean check; where if Spell01 is on, set the visibility of the spell particle to on, etc. Whilst it works, I’m wondering if I should set it up so when the player runs out of energy or they press 1 again, it destroys the particle emitter. Would setting the visibility to on/off have any performance impact? I would imagine so as I think it would still be calculating the rotation, texture, etc? What’s the best practice in this scenario?