Particle emitter moving with up and down camera movement on android devices

I’m trying to have some ‘dust particles’ float around a player on an android device. It works fine on PC / mobile preview but on the mobile device (S7) when looking up and down the particles move with the camera Looking left and right however works correctly as well as moving the player forward back left and right and the particles are fine - it’s just when the player looks up or down and the particles move with the camera.

Reproducible in the first person template on a default android build where the emitter is placed on the level outside of the first person char blueprint

See this project:
To reproduce:

  • build project for Android ETC2
  • Run on device (I’m testing on a S7 Exynos)
  • Move the camera up and down using the right thumb controller

Anyone have some ideas on how to workaround this to get the particles to appear normal when looking up and down on android?