Particle emitter destruction and setting up a cool down timer.

Ok to the nitty gritty.

Currently I have a particle emitter attached (Spawn emitter Attached) to my pawn but sadly the emitter does not
A: Get destroyed in a timely fashion, runs the entire cycle which is a bit too long. Is there a way to destroy the emitter upon reaching the 3 second mark?
B: Get Destroyed upon using a new skill. Is there a way to destroy an emitter upon using key input, 1,2,3,4, space etc?

Finally I have the issue of needing a cool down timer, while I love stacking emitters and lagging my pc I have an issue of trying to keep my player grounded and not letting him fly across the map by chaining the same two skills.
Is there a way to apply lets say a 3 second cool down to any input key?

I don’t really need it drawn out for me in screen shots but I would love some leads on what functions to use.

Thank you for your time.