Particle Behavior Scripting / Per particle velocity?

Hey folks,

Is there a way to animate a specific singular particle within a larger system?
I essentially need each individual particle in the system to choose a one of the following velocities (300,0,0) (-300,0,0) (0,300,0) (0,-300,0) ( 0,0,300,) (0,0,-300) ] randomly after traveling ‘x’ distance. We’ve got it working for each emitter, affecting the whole of it’s particles, but I need each particle to behave this way on its own.
Is there a way to expose the emitter’s particle array so that we can do that? (not sure if I worded that right…)

I’ve seen it done in PopcornFX, but we have no budget to get the UE4 integration (that isn’t really out yet).

The other solution I’ve found is using a ton of points in a velocity/life module, and just setting a path that way.
For example: We want the particles to cut a hard turn when they reach an ‘x’ distance.
Time / Velocity
0.0000 - (300,0,0)
0.0999 - (300,0,0)
0.1000 - (0,300,0)
0.1999 - (0,300,0)
0.2000 - (0,0,300)
0.2999 - (0,0,300)
A few variations and an Initial Location module and voila, I’ve got a decent solution, but it’s super cumbersome to set up, and we plan to use this type of motion in other places in the game.

If we can just script the particles to randomly choose their next velocity after a certain distance, it would save 15+ hours of just setting all those velocity points.

Thanks ahead of time if you’ve got ideas you’d like to share!
Mackenzie Diedrich - VFX Artist (contract) at Anvil Drop.