Particle Beam (and other objects too) lagging behind my character about 1 frame

I’ve been searching online quite a lot and it seems that this is a common issue, yet nobody EVER (topics go as far as 2015) fixed it :/.
Basically you have an actor with character movement in it (so character to be exact) and when it is moving, you are unable to tell it’s actual position.
There seems to be flags like “Tick before owner” in Character movement, but they simply don’t do anything. Whatever I do, If I set my beam particle Source and Target locations on Tick, they always keep on lagging exactly 1 frame behind.

A workaround to this would be measuring the velocity of my character and then add that vector to whatever location im setting my Beam’s source and target at, but it’s really unclean and horrible solution to something that should be working in engine.
Changing my actor tick group to post-physics changes nothing.
To be more specific, it works GOOD when my character gets launched and it’s character movement has proper velocity, but if my character is standing on another physical body that is being moved (because it slides down a slide for example, or just simply it moves because some force is pushing it) then my character, standing on it is problably moved with some completely different way of moving, because this is when beam particles location setting on tick fails to keep up.

Hopefully I’ve been able to explain my problem. If any more explanation is required, I’ll try providing a video.

Best Regards.