Particle Actor on Spline

Hello all. I’m experimenting with the Content Examples Project > Blueprint Splines Level. There is an Unreal logo made with a spline, which has a particle actor following the spline. The movement is based on a Blueprint with a Timeline (Autoplay and Loop enabled). What I’m trying to do is disable Autoplay and Loop in the Timeline and hook it on an Event. For example, whenever I press a key, the particle actor travels along the spline once. I press again, the particle travels again from the start and so on. The issue I’m having is whenever I try to connect an Event (Custom Event and/or Keybind) a message pops up saying the Timeline was paused at 0s. The BP compiles without errors, however when I hit Play and press the assigned key or call the Custom Event, nothing happens.
Image 1: The asset I’m talking about

Image 2: The BP of said asset

Image 3: The new BP I try to build

I also want to study this map. can please let me know how can i import into unreal.