Parent one character to another


I want to have one tiny character (mixamo export) moving around on another one’s shoulder.

I’m controlling the main character in Unreal but just want the other to stand on his shoulder and move around as per his mixamo fbx animation.

I have set up the socket and got it working with a static mesh but how do i do this for the mixamo animation sequence?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve had some limited success using ‘add component’ on the character’s BP and linking the skeletal mesh to the relevant body part, then selecting the socket- then changing the animation mode to ‘use animation asset’ and sourcing the animation. The problem with this is that i cant edit the start time of the animation. I’d like to use the animation for a cinematic so i need to control the start time of the animation. Any ideas on how to do this?

I decided to hand animate the mixamo character onto the other one in the sequencer. When i render the animation the character is in a totally different place. Is it me or is unreal extremely buggy!!?

When I hit render, it instantly enters game ‘play’ mode and the character moves down. Weird

To solve this, I had to restart unreal, and then i re-opened the project and the character was permanently moved down into it’s new position. Arrrgh. So I added a transform component in the sequencer and repositioned it back to it’s old position- and at least it rendered what was on screen. It seems very unstable.

Wondering if this is a metahuman thing? The main character is a metahuman - i used live link in the project previously, and it seem to do some very strange things to the character BP’s… gonna try and get to the bottom of why this happened but any contributions would be highly appreciated!