Parameter of a construct script and few other noob questions

Hi there

I know language, object language, but want to try Blueprint, because … its beautifull :))

I try very simple things but have trouble

I make a Actor blueprint Cube. All is doing is add a cube of one color and do it in the construct script

I make a blueprint Parent who make a blue cube and a red cube

So, I’d like to have a Cube construct script with a Color input parameter like I do in object language. I’ve searching how to do but just find answer for doing that in BeginPlay but not in construct script.
Isn’t it possible in BP ? must do it in C++ ?

I’ve tried another thing : Cube do nothing in the construct script but do it in a fonction DoCube with a color parameter.
I 've readen the tutorial on blueprint communication “Direct Blueprint Communications | Unreal Engine Documentation” but didn’t help me for a few things :

So, in the Parent blueprint, I want to construct a cube and after, call the DoCube function with a color parameter.
And trouble goes on :slight_smile:

In Parent consructions script, I add a “Add child component” Cube. (dont find another way to have Cube in Parent)
I want to call the DoCube fonction but dont find how to do with right mouse button in the script window.
I Take it on the content browser an depose it in the Parent construction script.
But when I want to branch the output of the Ad child component, it’s not the good type.
I’ll try to cast it, but dont find the good way. It can’t cast a Child Actor Componant to a Cube.

Have a few hints for me please ?