Paragon:Sparrow Anims To UE4 Manneqin (Help)

Im having issues converting sparrow animations to the ue4 manneqin, i wanted to see if i could set up some basic archery for a RPG im working on, im having some issues, and im not sure the reason why, maybe scaling? but all the tutorials and forums ive read have said that it should be pretty easy and nearly work out of the box, anyway if you have done this or something similar and think you can help id appreciate it! im going to leave some screenshots to show you how i did it, also im pretty new to unreal still (about a month in) so it could just be some newbie mistake and if so i apologize in advance xD

if i get this working properly it means i might be able to get some animations from the other paragon characters too which would be cool. thanks in advance for the help :slight_smile: