Paragon key (needed)

Can someone please send a paragon beta key to me if she/he gets 1 extra. It would mean a lot to me because I am a big MOBA fan.

If you want to send a key my e-mail is (

If you subscribed to the Beta, they are holding a play test trough the weekend.

Here’s the times.

May 5th - May 8th

US East Coast: Thur Noon - Sun 9pm EDT

US West Coast: Thur 9am - Sun 6pm PDT

London: Thur 5pm - Mon 2am BST

Berlin: Thur 6pm - Mon 3am CEST

Paris: Thur 6pm - Mon 3am CEST

Moscow: Thur 7pm - Mon 4am MSK

You could also pay 20 bucks and get in for more than just the weekend… Its the least expensive founders pack. The game is a TON of fun and I would just purchase the pack. (I spent 100 bucks! for the super-duper founders pack!). By the way, what’s really cool about this game is that you do NOT need to purchase anything if you do not want to. You do miss out on the founders challenges, but its not necessary. So, if you hang out until summer, you can play for free or you can spend 20 bucks now…