Paragon Animations to ue4 Mannequin

okay just to get this out there im right now attempting to turn the paragon grux double pain attack into a useable animation for the ue4 mannequin i have retargetted and everything and the animation montage and sequence appears to be working smoothly but when i try to play the montage on input nothing happens, when i tried to make a animblueprint and make a attacking state nothing happens and after further investagation i can now notice the IK hand gun bone and the IK hand twitching out infinitly well when i switch the boolean that allows the attack to start on and off the animation will sometimes go threw but then bug out at the end at the final frame it will just sit there, please if u could give me some ideas on to how to fix this i have finnally gotten retargeting down and thought it was all well and good but then i get this huge middle finger as i begin my project ty for the assistance