Paragon and volumetric fog / volumetric lighting

Ok so i was playing my favorite game of all time and noticed volumetric fog in the jungle.

I’m not sure if its truly volumetric fog or a faked effect. I know epic favours faking effects for performance reasons.

so is there any information on this subject in unreal engine. I was sure a long time ago I saw something in unreal where it had the option to have volumetric fog/ volumetric lighting but I can no longer see that option. Maybe i’m just getting confused with cry engine.

so some questions on this area.

1: does paragon use any volumetric effects?
2: does unreal engine have volumetric lighting/ volumetric fog?
3: is this something that epic is planning to release in future versions? i yes then how far the future?
4: is true volumetric effects still too expensive for today’s gamers? like realtime GI?

Thanks for you time.

If I remember correctly Epic wanted to introduce real volumetric fog in Paragon a while ago - for PS4 pro release, yet final result was a faked one. However recently real volumetric fog has been spotted in Master branch, you can read more about it there

thanks for link. just what I was looking for.