Paper2D Tilemap Navmesh Backwards

I’m using Paper2D and set up a Tilemap. I’m using simple tiles to essentially “white box” the level design with a set of simple single color tiles. The light brown/tan tile has no collision, while the light and dark grey ones have a collision box over the entire tile.

When I add a Nav Mesh Bounds Volume over the entire Tilemap, the green traversable area is “backwards” from what I’m looking for (and what I’d expect). The navigatable area should be the light brown/tan area. As a picture is worth a thousand words:

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I managed to figure this out after coming back to it the next day.

There’s no mesh being created on the path because there’s isn’t any collision. So the Navmesh doesn’t recognize the light brown path as existing. After putting collision on the light brown ground tile and tweaking collision box size as well as separation, everything worked great.