[ Paper2d ] Tile map editor always highlighted/selected

Can’t find if this is a bug or a feature I need to turn off. Basically in the tile map editor the tiles I’m setting are always highlighted as if having been selected. In all the tutorials I’ve watched the tiles are clear to see and unselected. I’m using 4.15.2. Is there a fix for this? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

Mike Garn


I just tried engine version 13.2 and the highlight/selection problem is not there. Looks like I’ll be using 13.2. I’m not sure what features I’ll be losing by going to 13.2 but hopefully nothing too important. *sigh

Well the search for a solution continues if I want to use version 15.2 . I’ve searched the internet for at least a couple hours, and searched everywhere I can think inside the engine for a toggle to “turn off selected” or whatever it could possibly be called. If I go into editor preferences > general > appearance and change the “selection color” the orange tint will change with it, so it must be something related to selections. I’m pretty sure this is an engine bug and not a feature. It also happens with 14.2.

I am on 4.19.2 and the same bug is still here :frowning:

cancel the Highliaht Selected Obiects with Brackets

Project preference setting/view/Highliaht Selected Obiects with Brackets