Paper2d Textures get black after several times restarting the game


im working on my first Paper2d Android Game. Its an endless runner, based on this official Tutorial from Epic Games. (

After i start the game and press play the tilemaps will spawn in front of the character and will be destroyed after he reaches a specific point.
When the character dies (collision event), some variables get saved and the blueprint command to open a new level is fired to get to the main menu again which is kept in an own level.

This works fine the first few times i press play, but after 3-4 times (its random) the textures of the level objects keep black. I made two screenshots of the scenario.
One before and one after the bug.

To get the textures normal again, i have to stop the whole process of the game manually on my device and delete the cache. But strangely that not ALWAYS helps. Sometimes i have to do this two times before the game will run again as it should…



The reason i posted this in the Android Section is, that this bug only sets in when i play it on my Smartphone device. When i play the Game several times in the Unreal Editor itself nothing goes wrong.

I hope that anyone maybe has an idea, what the problem of this could be.
I looked up several options in the Project Settings but im not sure which one could have an effect.

The project is packaged as an ETC1 . But i tried ETC2 too, and this doenst make a difference.