[Paper2D] Projectiles Falls along the X axis but should not

I have a new issue with the Projectiles that I have not seen before. I put a Projectile Movement component on the Projectiles and set the same Planar constraints as the Spaceship, that being Constrained on the Z plane as I don’t want the spaceship to fall forever.

But the Projectiles spawn and then sort of “fall” to the ground instantly instead of flying along the X axis, even though it worked in a previous project.

As you can see they just stack up

I use the Top Perspective so that X is pointing Right and Y is pointing downwards.

The shot is supposed to follow the X axis along to the right, but just falls upwards as soon as it spawns (or rather downwards) towards the Y axis and I cannot figure out why.

Make sure your forward velocity is great than that of the ship. Also, make sure to check your projectile component, and override its initial velocity. Make sure your projectile components “Gravity Scale” is set to 0.