Paper2D Open Level very slow on Android

Hi all:

A co-worker and I are well into creating a Paper2D side-view infinite runner game for our library system. There is one Map/Level, and I use “Open Level” to restart/reload character vars from Save, a part of which is to switch characters via setting Flipbooks.

This all functions as desired, but on mobile, the Open Level node–which is a part of things like Choosing a Character via button to start the game as well as Retrying a level via button to reload the level–takes about 8-10 seconds to execute.

I have added the code in defaultEditor.ini to always cook maps.

I have tried disconnecting various nodes/functions that could be adding to the processing that needs to take place to open the level. No difference.

I turned off unnecessary lighting and such settings in the Rendering settings.

The total content size is right over 100 MB (it will be a bit more going forward, but not much).

I had read somewhere that if an apk is over 100 MB, and an OBB file is added in, that could cause some slowdown. I wondered if getting the game below 100 would help, but that could be tricky.

FYI: most of my testing has been Launching on mobile, other than one actual Package and Deploy test, which had the same slow Open Level issue. But not sure what other adjustments I had in place at that time. Should I see a difference in speed in the Packaged game versus Launching it?

Thanks for any insight.

Hi, and yes, I’d test my project using an actual packaged apk and install in on a device.

Thanks for the reply! I did end up packaging and testing on a device and saw no improvement. But I have actually ended up taking a different approach by resetting variables and such on the fly with a combination of player respawning and general trickery. It is a bit more complicated, but it brings the load times for the desired actions down to pretty much nothing, so there’s that. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


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