Paper2D Feature Requests

Hi! Even though Paper2D is already an amazing tool, I believe it is still a long way from being completed. So I’ve compiled a small lists of features that in my opinion are essential. Forgive me if these have been suggested before :slight_smile:

1: Animation Tree support for Paper2D.
2: A ‘paper pawn’ class just like there is a ‘Paper Character’ or ‘Paper Sprite Actor’ class.
3: In-engine keyframe based animation support for both paper2D and 3D skeletal meshes.
4: Skeletal sprites (additionally, Spine or Spriter support)
5: GIF support

And I think that’s all I have to add for now, haha. Thank you for your time!

I just made the almost exact feature request list as you did. Oops.


Hahaha, good one! Leave it up though, as we have some different requests.

bump, would love to see this happen preaseeeeeee