Paper2D Character Dissapearing

Hello, I believe this is my first post /question here so I will cut straight to it.
I started a new project which is using sprites. I am following this tutorial on youtube.
Right off the start there are two problems I am facing though.

1st problem, is that my character becomes invisible as soon as he touches the default “SM_TEMPLATE_MAP_FLOOR” asset/ground.
2nd problem is that my WorldSettings do not seem to save. So everytime I load up the project those settings have been reset, and my character doesn’t spawn anymore.

I haven’t found anything about somebody having similiar issues to mine, so I figured I would ask here!
I have also tried nuking UE4 off of my computer and reinstalling it, but unfourtanetly that did not help either.
Besides the problems I seem to be having, ue4 is pretty sexy :wink:
Btw, if I happen to be posting this question on the wrong board feel free to move my post :smiley:

Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated