Paper2d Box Collision on Character

Hello All

I saw a few older posts on the issue but nothing as of late. I’m trying to change the collision on my paper2D character and I’m running into two issues.

First: Changing it from a Capsule to a Box. When I add a Box component and reduce the capsule radius and height to 0, it doesn’t seem to entirely work. With the capsule the Character obeys the ground friction of the Character Movement Component and when i move it around things work well. When I add the box, it seems to continue to slide on the surface even if I stop moving the Character as if it were ignoring the ground friction…

Second: is the Paper2D Character ignoring the Radius and Height of its capsule component? Eventhough I set it to something smaller, it seems to still be using a much larger collision capsule almost as if it were using the old values for the Radius and Height.

Does anyone know what I might be doing wrong here?

Thanks for the help!