Paper2D and perspective camera?

Hi, I’m trying to make my 2D game using Paper2D but due to complications I can’t use the orthographic camera.

My issue with the camera is that whenever my character moves, he becomes really blurry. Even without moving, it still looks really off. In orthographic, it always looked nice and sharp. I’m relatively new, so I don’t know the cause of this very well. I tried changing the camera distances to see if that would do anything but it didn’t.

Thank you for your help!

Are you perhaps, using an LCD monitor? You should then probably read this article:

And then know that you are not alone.

Also, try to take a screenshot. If you are not seeing the blur in your screenshot then the chances are high it’s artifacts from your LCD monitor. Good luck!

EDIT: Also make sure you don’t have any anti-aliasing or anything, but I imagine you don’t I just figured I’d at it in there.

Nope, not my monitor. I tried using my same code on a different level, and for some reason, it got fixed… It’s something in the world settings that was causing it. Thanks for the reply though :slight_smile:

Ok then can you post some screenshots so I can see what’s going on? That would be really helpful. If there’s like a blurry halo you can try changing the filter from “linear” to “nearest” if you already haven’t.

TemporalAA and blur in the postprocess volume cause these kind of problems. But even if you disable them you will still see some jitter and flicker and this is something i have reported many months ago.

Head to the official paper2d forum and read all about it.

Hello, I have the same problem: I upload a video for it: Bug 001 - YouTube