Paper 2D Tutorial with working touch dpad controller

Hi Guys,

This is my first post here in the forums. I have been using Unreal for almost a year and i have learned a lot. now the problem is a lack of tutorials for 2d game creation.
This is the game we are currently making all done in blueprints The Crop Circle Warriors, I’m willing to post tutorials for what i made in the game like
a simple 3 hit combo system etc. notify me if you guys are interested :wink:

That would be really cool if you could, as you say there is a lack of 2D content!

please if you can make a video that neatly explains how to make a umd/widget/touch-interface or something for sidescroller/p2d and it’s 5:00 or less… your video will get many watches.

-joystick control is horrid for my 2d game. know any fixes/tweaks ?.?

-also your game looks cool want to play. you ought to reupload the vid on fb with audio from ingame so it’s crisp pm me