Paper 2d TileMap problem

Hey Everyone

Im beginner developer, making my first paper 2d game, and I have an issue that i just cant resolve, maybe you guys help me.

Its all about my tilemap, few days ago it was all just right, but yesterday (I dont know how and why) it just get bugged. The problem is that when im playing the game, my tiles are behind everithing, else on scene, although generally its on front of the game. Even if i move it, thats not working, i cant walk on my tile, and everything works perfectly fine, but if i want to put some elements of background directly on scene later, its allways visible in front of tilemap, although obviously its not. I dont know if i tell it right, thats litlle bit confusing, so i make some ss of my project so you can look at it and see whats exacly is going on.

I will be grateful for some help