[ Paper 2D ] Tile Mapping / Painting with multiple tiles selected

I am fairly new to using the Paper2D TileMapper and TileSets, and I’ve run into some issues:

Very hard to explain what I’m trying to do in words, so I’ve attached 2 images to help.

I have an image that is created by combining 16 tiles from my TileSet. I want to paint 4 of this image in a row.
If I just click, then place my mouse in the next position and click again, it is fine. (desired.png)
A click and drag will not work, as it simply overwrites the previous position. (‘actual.png’)

In this particular instance, it is not painful to click 4 times. However, I have other images made up of multiple tiles that I would like to cover an entire floor with.
Having to click -> re position -> click -> re position (repeat x50) is quite a nuisance.

Is there a setting to choose how many tiles to skip before it paints again while clicking and dragging?

Finally, unrelated to the previous issue, is there a way to change the eraser size to more than 1 tile?