Panning world aligned texture - how to 'pause' the panning?

I pan my world aligned texture like described here:
So it adds Time * Speed value to Absolute World Position for X/Y coords.

But is is possible to pause the panning and make the panned texture stay in the same place? So it would ‘pause’ the panning animation. The first thing that comes to mind is to somehow pause the material Time node (so it would stop ticking during the pause), but I don’t know if it’s possible…

I will be grateful for some hints. Is it possible?

You need to use a manual scalar parameter instead of time. So then you need a BP or something that accumulates time. To Pause you simply stop accumulating and to restart to keep accumulating.

Looks like this is the best way to accomplish this. Since I don’t need to make it individual per instance (it can be ‘global’), I’ll probably use parameter collection to store the accumulated time from some BP. Thank you!