Panning view on graphic tablet

Hi guys, finally get 4.0.2 and was really confused the view pan on wacom. I had it perfectly working in beta ( in same way as it works in max/maya) but not in UE4.0.2. Seems like new version uses traditional mouse controls for pen instead of correct one. Is there any way to set it same way as it was in Rocket ?


I think this would be worth posting on AnswerHub

I work 10 + hours a day on my XP-Pen Artist22E graphics tablet . I’ve been using graphics tablets for over 8 years. I absolutely need one because i paint/draw for a living and these days people need things done fast soo digital is the way to go.

I’ve been using XP-Pen tablets for all this time. I wouldnt recommend ANY other brand but wacom for graphics tablets. They are the best. I currently use a Medium size XP-Pen Artist22E .

For just scribbling notes and doing minor photo touch ups I would recommend either a Small XP-Pen Star05 ( which cost about 70$ Canadian) more or less.