Panning/rotating texture around an object depending on camera position

Hi! I’m still quite new to Unreal Editor, and I’m trying to make a material that pan/rotate a texture around an object depending on from what position/angle you are looking from, but I don’t want it to scale. I figured it would be quite basic and easy, but I have searched and experimenting for days without getting it to work the way I want. Using CameraVector or TriplanarCameraVector almost does something that would work nicely, but I need the texture stay the same size relative to the object. I tried scaling it based on distance to keep a constant size but I’d also need to figure out how to scale from the center sort of, so it doesn’t move in any direction while scaling.

Or would I be better off using some other projection than CameraVector? I’m thinking possibly making a world space Triplanar projection, then it might be easier to hook up camera position to rotate the whole thing in xyz somehow?