Panner mask help

On the picture is my setup. Is it possible when the game start my texture to be “1” and when I start specific blueprint “T2” to start to cover the texture with “2” and when “3” cover “T1” to stop? I can’t find how to stop panner when I want and to using longer texture, for example T2 is 200x100px while T1 is 100x100px. How to make T2 out of vision and only when panner start to come in the visible part of the texture?

Like this:

In BP, manipulate the parameter. Just stop changing it when you want the texture to stop.

But how to extend the texture, if I import first image 100x100 and second 200x100 unreal just compress the second image in square when I add it as texture sample in the material

Have you tried changing the sampler source, you might be able to get the texture to lie outside bounds that way:


No, it not help