painting terrain bug, not updating?!

Hi there,

I’m trying to paint my terrain but it appears i have ran into a bug, i tried painting a different layer on top of another layer (like you do) and then it went into building shaders like it does anyway except this time I’m just stuck with this


it wont update, i cant paint over it, i cant undo it, iv even tried restarting the engine and nothing… UE4 is clearly very buggy…

does anyone know how to fix this without redoing the whole terrain paint as this has happened twice now.

any help appreciated.

How many layers are on this component? + what happens when you choose a very large brush -> paint onto the component? :slight_smile:

In that box area there is only 3 layers but the material for the terrain has 12 simply because i want the terrain to be detailed and okay i tried the biggest brush i could and painted on it, it complied all the shaders again where ever the brush hit but the square still remains after it has finished…