Painful slap in the face by unreal

Normally i would not care for classical UE4 ester egg/Lie ,You have ran out of video ram so imma go and crash" that happens every 3-4 hours regardless of what you do as restarting takes like less then 10 s. But now i was relocating anim files and when i was using fix direktores function UE4 did the ,I decided that i want to die" troll and now the entire anim bp has no animation references.

Why Unreal has this ester egg?

I have been working with UE4 for 3 or 4 years now, and I have had the redirector crash one time. I have experienced some out of memory errors when moving a large amount of files within a project. After selecting/moving about 1000 4k textures at once it may crash. I think UE4 has to load everything selected/open into memory, but shares some commonality with windows explorer, ie when you drag files from an explorer window into a ue4 project, the explorer window freezes until process is done…

You are either doing something horribly wrong or you have way too little RAM.

Did you mess with the windows paging file settings? Make sure it’s large enough.