Paid work - convert new Mixamo format skeletal mesh bones to match UE4 mannequins


I need someone to change the Mixamo skeletal bones hierarchy to match exactly the UE4 one so that I can import new mixamo characters and have them use a UE4 mannequin skeleton.

I had this exact setup working perfectly by myself before Mixamo decided to drop support for UE4 and now everything I have built ontop of that UE4 skeleton I would have to completely re-do it for the new characters, and honestly I would prefer keeping things the UE4 standard for future proofing… Mixamo will disappear one day… And I have some weeks of work already built into the ue4 skeleton regarding animations and attachables hooked up to bone sockets.

I’ve tried the paid mixamo anim retargeting plugin but it does not solve my issue. I need all new imported characters to share the same skeleton as the previous characters were sharing (all of my hero characters use 1 skeleton & 1 anim bp).

So pretty much - I have 30 character models, I can provide the original Mixamo .obj or the Mixamo .fbx whichever you prefer.

For 30 character models, How much would you charge me, lets get to something that can work for both sides, I am a 1 person development ‘team’ but If the price is fair I will pay!