[PAID] Unreal Engine 4 Tutoring

I have sent you PM.

I’m currently available for small programming jobs :slight_smile:

I’m pretty new to UE4 and was looking for some help on a multiplayer project I’m working on. David really knows his stuff and helped me get to the bottom of the problems I was having. He didn’t just fix the code either, he explained why it was broken and helped me understand the mistakes that I made. There were quite a lot of blueprints to look through and some challenging logic, but ultimately David helped me think through everything. I’ll for sure be hiring him as a tutor the next time I’m feeling stuck. Thanks!

Just wanted to give David some kudos - great working with him, very friendly and articulate - most importantly, extremely knowledgeable, will do business again!

very knowledgeable and helpful! helped me resolve some issues with object construction sequences and taught me a few tips & tricks in visual studio in the process.

Great Tutor

I’m a n00b at UE4 and getting David as a tutor was a a solid decision. He’s patient, he’s knowledgable and knows exactly how to tailor the lesson to your needs. He ran gave me tips on how to approach features and mechanics and has generally greatly improved my understanding of how UE4 works and how games in general are constructed.

Highly recommend this dude.

For the time being i’m no longer available for programming jobs :slight_smile:

David did a ‘beginners intro to UE4’ for me and it was absolutely excellent. He was patient, he knew how to explain anything I asked about, he knew how to get me to try out any feature I asked about, he was very flexible and was able to ‘drill down’ to any depth of detail of any special requirement I had when it came to the specific type of game I want to develop. We even covered Blueprints as well and he had no difficulty getting a mere beginner to go from never having done any kind of ‘visual programming’ before to putting together a Blueprint for a specific feature that I asked about that actually worked and getting me to this stage very quickly. I am definitely able to recommend him as an effective UE4 trainer based upon this experience.

I just had a 6 hour tutoring session with David. My brain stills hurts for the amount of stuff I learned in so little time. Can’t wait to get to my next tutoring session, this guy really knows his stuff. (Y)

These last few months i had the opportunity to work for MPC London as Lead Developer in Buster’s Garden VR Experience, which is based on the John Lewis 2016 Christmas advert :slight_smile: Here are some links about the project:

I am available again for tutoring sessions :slight_smile:

Hi are you available to tutor Unreal

Please let me know


305-542-3944 Please text me anytime

Yes i’m available for tutoring, i’v sent you a private message :slight_smile:

David is a fantastic programmer. He got everything I needed done with zero headaches at a low price. Definitely recommend. This man knows his stuff :D!

After a migration from 4.15 to 4.16, he was able to find out which blueprint was corrupted and was able to update my plugin to 4.16 very fast. He is truly a great programmer. thumbs up

I’m developing a virtual reality project for the Oculus Rift using Unreal. Since I’m new to the program I’ve found blueprints to be a bit challenging, so I hired David to help me get started.

So far we’ve worked together via Skype for a few three-hour sessions, and I’ve been consistently impressed with David’s knowledge of the program. In the few short sessions we’ve had together he’s helped me create several blueprints that would have taken me weeks to figure out on my own.

I highly recommend David.

I was announced in the unreal engine live stream as the top answerhub contributor :slight_smile:

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I was announced again in the unreal engine live stream as the top answerhub contributor :slight_smile:

I was announced again in the unreal engine live stream as the top answerhub contributor for the third time in a row :slight_smile:

I’m embarking on a journey to create a complex game using a pre-built C++project. I was looking for a friendly and highly-skilled tutor to help introduce me to Unreal Engine, understand the pre-built skeleton, fast-track me to a level of competency to work on it solo and provide some best-practice guidance implementing complex mechanics. As someone who works in IT, I find in my experience there’s always an inverse relationship between friendliness and technical competency and so I was worried if I could find the right person to help me long-term.

I found David via the Unreal Discord Community and to this date I have had over 30+ hours of tutoring with him. David has been one of the best tutors I could have asked for! He has all of the friendly qualities you could ask for (wants to understand what you really want from your game project, takes the long-term and short-term factors into consideration, your current skill level) with a very impressive technical competency (understands C++ very well to debug complex interactions, can quickly understand how a game mechanic/code works, can advise how to best implement new systems).

He is incredibly flexible and scheduling / re-arranging a session is never an issue.

My only negatives that I could think to write (for the completeness of a balanced non-bias review for anyone deciding between David and another tutor), are that David is not a native English speaker. However I find his English perfectly adequate for explaining complex technical topics, but I have worked a lot with foreign colleagues so I could naturally find this easier. David can also waffle/over-explain things sometimes, but he is only does this to try and make sure that you fully understand something and a gentle nudge is all that is needed to press on :slight_smile:

Overall, I would give David a 9.5/10 and would not hesitate to recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone looking for help (short or long-term) with their UE Blueprint/C++ projects!!