[PAID] Simon Riverin 3D Artist (Low Rate)

Hi my name is Simon Riverin, I am a self taught 3D Artist ( Hard-Surface Focused ) looking for a remote job Full or Part time. I have a Good Artistic and Design background paired with a great cultural knowledge. Those three attributes allow me to handle quite easily the tasks I am
assigned to, and I consider myself as very decent in term of overall capabilities. I also worked on some community projects as well as indie games

-PBR texturing ( Substance Painter / Photoshop / Quixel Suite )
-Sub-D Modeling
-Medium Poly Modeling
-High to Low Poly Workflow
-UV Unwraping
-Efficient Baking
-Level Blockouts

-**Unreal Engine BluePrints Shaders & Materials **
-**Unreal EngineLighting **

​​​​​​Community Projects

  • Project Contingency (3D Artist)
  • Stargate Network (3D Artist)

Indie Games

  • KnightFall (3D Artist)
  • Project Halcyon (Generalist/Technical)
  • Project Bleu Origine (Consultant) ​​​​​​
    ​​​ArtStation - The Art Of Failure

Email: [EMAIL=“”]