[PAID] Rogier Stam – 2D/3D Stylized low-poly game assets

Hello everyone,

My name is: Rogier Stam.
I’m a freelance 2D/3D freelance digital artists specialized in making low-poly stylized game assets.
I have a Bachelor in Game Art and Master’s degree in Digital Design & Culture, focus point on Creatures in videogames.

Skillsets: Digital Artist
• 2D Concept art, Texturing
• 3D modeling, rigging & animating

Most recent project:
• Lumini:

• Sketchfab: Ingoro (@ingoro) - Sketchfab
• Website:

3D example:

Lumini: 3rd Yellow Lumini

Lumini: Fungibomb

Lumini: Drill

2D example:

Tooth chowy


Roleplaying teddybear


E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]
Online profiles:

Additional Information:
• Available 5 days a week, 8 hours per day.
• Timezone: CET

  • Rogier

Adding my latest illustration: