[PAID] Looking for 3D Animator/Rigger for a small project


Looking for a person who can make a set of melee combat animations with a blade for a female character. Clear animation list will be provided (you can expect attacks, skills, death, movement, etc.)

Facial animations are NOT required.

She has epic skeleton with extra bones. Worth mentioning that she has some skinning issues that need to be fixed. Modifications to the skeleton are acceptable if needed.

There is no rig, so it’s on you as well.


  • Experience animating for games.
  • Experience with female character animations.
  • Experience with melee combo animations.
  • Animation reel demonstrating all above.


  • DM here on forums
  • Discord: DN#2329
  • Email: persondn[at]gmail[dot]com

The character you will be working with:

Hello. Do you want to use cloth sim on that hand ?
one sword or double sword?
skinning problem can be solved with weight paint

for simpler workflow i still recommend rig it with epic skeleton then retarget from other mocap

for attaching weapons i usually use socket in bones and blueprint. here’s my sample character holding sword and staff all-clips-compiled-2021-05-28 02-25-20.mp4 - Google Drive

The cloth parts should be animated and baked in the final animation. I don’t like the ingame simulated result. There will be one “katana like” sword. I will provide all assets for the right candidate.