[PAID] Lee Meredith - 3D Animator

Skillset: 3D Animator
1 year of freelance experience in the games industry
For the past year I have worked with several indie developers to create animations for their characters.

Some of the games I’ve worked on and still work on include:

3D Animator, VecFour Digital, Freelance: April 2018 - Present
Hide or Die, PC - Will be released October 2018 (Hide Or Die on Steam)

3D Animator, Trym Studios, Freelance: May 2018 - Present
Seas of Fortune, PC – TBA (Seas of Fortune Windows game - Indie DB)

3D Animator, The Girl of Glass Dev, Freelance: May 2018 - July 2018
The Girl of Glass, PC – TBA (…-girl-of-glass)

3D Animator, LEAD3D, Freelance: January 2018 - May 2018
Pregnancy+ (…505864483?mt=8)
Animate idles and idle breaks


Contact: [EMAIL=“”]
Discord: Lee#9975

I work on three projects long term so I’d prefer short term projects, I can rig using rapid rig modular or the character animation toolkit (Maya and Max) I can’t use Blender at present. FYI, a lot of my work isn’t available to the public yet, but I will update my Artstation when they are released.

Online only
Prefer pay per animation set (lower cost for you)
I only speak English unfortunately