[PAID] C++ Developer - 4+ years experience


I am a UE4/UE5 C++ developer with 5 years of experience. I’ve developed features for both released and unreleased projects. Currently available for remote work.

Most experienced in FPS/TPS development, both single and multiplayer.

If you need a feature implemented fast, I don’t mind integrating/porting/modifying an existing asset, either from the marketplace or a proprietary one.

My code is clean, commented and as modular as possible. It can often be re-used later on if needed, or picked up by another developer.

Skills and experience

  • 5+ years in UE4 (C++)
  • 5 years of Source engine modding before that (Metamod/Sourcemod/IDA)
  • Java/C# back-end
  • Virtually any SQL
  • Git/SVN/Perforce
  • Message brokers (e.g. RabbitMQ)
  • Limited front-end experience (HTML/CSS/ASP)

Unreal-specific skills

  • Gameplay/abilities programming (C++)
  • Gameplay/map features (C++)
  • Animation blueprints
  • AI
  • Networking & profound debugging
  • Character movement physics
  • Extremely proficient and knowledgeable in gameplay security (serverside anticheat algorithms & optimization); this experience is mostly from Source Engine


My hourly rate is 30 USD. PayPal only.

I prefer agreeing on a fixed per-feature compensation amount, based on my estimation of how many hours it will take to complete.


Inquire via Discord or e-mail.


  • E-mail: sgtvisor[at]gmail[dot]com

Currently committed to supporting a released project. I’ll update the thread when I’m available again.

Currently available for remote work.