Packed project behavior

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A quick question regarding packaging of project. I just packed my game to test it’s basic functionality and results were concerning - while most functions were there and working, their behavior was quite different. As example, it’s a very basic racing game and when tested in Editor, lap time was 16second and driven distance 4,52km, when I tested packed game, on the same lap time was 26seconds and driven distance 17,6km! Is this normal?
By the way, I am using version 4.24.3.

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It sounds like the way you’re moving your car is frame dependent. Can you show the code for that?

Hello Clockwork,

In attached file is my code for moving in Forward/Backward direction. Moving object is not a car, but sphere that is steered by mouse movement in Y axis.

Thanks in advance!

Right, so you’re using add force. Personally, never use it, but I think it’s frame rate dependent. Basically, to avoid the problem you have to multiply by delta time, and the another correcting factor, because after using delta time, things will be too slow.

You can also test how it will run on different machines by changing your frame rate with the console command ‘t.maxfps 20’, for instance.

Here’s a link to someone asking something similar:

Thanks for support, will definitely test it out and let know how it goes.